A boat ride at home

This is where I learned to swim! Chalakkudy River at Mambra, Kerala.

A river I have spent long hours in when I was a kid; flowing through the village where my father grew up, where my siblings and I grew up.

A decade after I left home for the first time, I went on a boat ride with my uncle down the river and took some photos.

All photos are taken on a Sony A7iii with a 35mm f1.8 FE lens.

It has flooded my village many times and taken a chunk of my family home with it, but today it’s calm and quiet

One of the water pumping stations along the riverside

Shamsudeen, my uncle, who fishes in the river every evening, sometimes overnight.

Fishing nets


Tranquility of nature, water and sunset

Heading back home

By the time I could take it all in, it was time to leave again.

But where do we go? what do we become?

How much of us remain the same once we leave?

How much of us do we leave behind every time we leave?


Footnote: we got a decent fish at the end of the ride by the way!